Ergotron WorkFit TL Sit Stand Desktop Workstation Review

Welcome to my Ergotron Workfit TL Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation Review.  Are you tired of sitting at your desk all day?  Then I am thrilled you tuned in today. I this review I will walk through the features, and benefits of this sit-stand workstation.  This is a product I use every day at work, so I have a great perspective to share.Ergotron WorkFit TL workstation

A little background on me

I, like so many others, have back problems.  Back problems all started for me about 20 years ago for me, and in October 1999, I ended up having back surgery.  My back problems didn’t stop there though, I have had more issues over the years.  You can check out my complete story.

The most recent injury I suffered was late in 2015.  I was lifting heavy weight (well heavy for me anyway), and I blew a disc and sprained my pelvis.  I spent months working with a chiropractor, and after it was all said and done, my chiro recommended a sit-stand desk.

Sit-stand desk benefits

Unfortunately, I sit a lot, and I am certainly not alone. I try to sit on my butt as little as possible, but commuting to and from work, along with a desk job, I end up sitting more than I would like to.  With the Ergotron Workfit TL, I love having the option to sit or stand during my workday.

Some of the benefits I have noticed are:

  • Gets the blood flowing
  • Makes me up
  • I feel more productive
  • Helps me maintain proper posture
  • My achy back is a lot less sore

With that said, let’s dive in!

Ergotron Workfit TL Review

  • Dimensions: 37.5 inches W x 23 inches D
  • Fits on surfaces 24 inches deep or more
  • The keyboard tray measures 27.5 inches W x 11 inches deep
  • Weigh about 56 pounds
  • Capacity is about 40 pounds

One thing to note first is that this type of desk falls into the desk converter category since you simply place it on top of your existing workspace.


There is ample workspace on the top platform of this desk converter.  There is room for two monitors to sit on top of the platform, and I still have space for other items like a notepad, sticky notes, and my phone, etc.  I do believe there is plenty of space, even with dual monitors on the desk.


You also have the option to add a monitor mount kit, and this would free up more desk space since your monitors would not be sitting directly on top of the desk.  There are predrilled holes with plugs in them, so if you don’t use the monitor mount kit, you hardly notice the holes are there.

Lifting mechanism

You can move from sitting to standing very quickly with this unit.  No cranking or motors are involved.  All you do is lift up on the hand brake levers to raise or lower your desk.  I find the transition pretty much effortless.

You might think that lifting the desk with two monitors on it would be heavy, but it’s not.  I have never had a problem raising the entire unit, even with a bad back. Raising and lowering the desk is also very quiet so that you won’t bother your coworkers.

There are 15 inches of vertical adjustment which is plenty of room for me.  I am just over six feet tall, and this height works great for me.  There are also a lot of stopping positions when you adjust the height of the desk, so you are sure to find just the right height.

Keyboard tray

The keyboard is positioned 4.5 inches below the work surface and moves in tandem with it.  There is plenty of space for your keyboard and mouse.Ergotron WorkFit TL keyboard tray


I feel like this sit stand workstation is very stable and holds my two 19” monitors just fine.  The surface itself is durable and great for writing on.

Moves straight up and down

I think this is a significant feature of this desk.  This unit moves straight up and down, whereas some other models move away from the wall and toward the user.  I think this makes the Workfit TL more stable than other models since it will not hang over the tabletop.

Comes fully assembled

Yes, you read that right, no assembly required!  All you do is open the box, set it on your desk or tabletop and you are good to go.  I HIGHLY recommend having someone help you put the desk in place though.  The unit does weigh about 56 pounds and is very awkward to move by yourself.  This is especially true if you have a bad back.  So do yourself a favor and get a helper to put your new desk in place.


  • Very solid and stable
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to raise and lower
  • Ample work surface space
  • Works well in corner desk configurations
  • Pre-drilled for monitor mounts
  • Available in black or white


  • It’s heavy so moving it may be a challenge
Ergotron WorkFit-TL, Sit-Stand Desk Converter | Black, 37.5' wide | For Tabletops
188 Reviews
Ergotron WorkFit-TL, Sit-Stand Desk Converter | Black, 37.5" wide | For Tabletops
  • CONVERT YOUR EXISTING DESK TO SIT-STAND: No assembly required - slide it out of the box onto a tabletop, and you're ready to work!
  • YOUR COMFORT IS KEY: 20 height settings along a 15" (38 cm) range help pinpoint your perfect sitting and standing heights, so your monitors and keyboard are in your comfort zone - no matter what size you are. **Be sure to account for the height of your existing desk when assessing WorkFit-TL's height range.**
  • BOOST YOUR PRODUCTIVITY: Don't be chained to your chair - you can choose to sit, stand, and give your body the movement it craves while you continue working in perfect ergonomic comfort.
  • STURDY DESIGN THAT'S BUILT TO LAST: Easily lift your equipment with a light touch - move up to 40 lbs. (18.1 kg) straight up and down thanks to spring-assisted Constant Force technology. Plus, WorkFit desks won't tip and are protected by an industry-leading 5-Year Warranty.
  • HOW DOES WORKFIT-TL DIFFER FROM WORKFIT-T? The WorkFit-TL's wider footprint gives you more room to spread out, with 125 additional square inches (317.5 additional cm2) of surface area to hold your laptop, two monitors, phone charger, tablet, and coffee - all of your equipment is at your fingertips whether you're sitting or standing.

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Conclusion: Ergotron Workfit TL Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

I love this workstation and I think you will too.  First off, having the ability to sit or stand during the day is great, not just for folks with back pain, but for others as well.  Just getting up and stretching your legs is great to do throughout the day is a great productivity booster.

Having used this desk, I don’t think I can ever go back to a non-adjustable model ever again.  I am truly hooked!

To recap, here is why I like this desk:

  • It is built very well
  • Provides plenty of space to work
  • I love the fact that it moves straight up and down
  • It is straightforward to use

If you are in the market for a sit-stand workstation, I recommend you give the Ergotron WorkFit TL a serious look.

Check out my other review, if you are interested in more sit-stand desk options.

Thank you for stopping by today, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  You can contact me directly anytime.


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