Extra Large Lumbar Ice Pack – TheraPaq to the Rescue

As someone who deals with chronic back pain, I am always interested in a good extra large lumbar ice pack. This model from TheraPaq is highly rated and deserves a look if you are in the market for a big cold pack.  Oh yeah, it has a hidden little secret too, so be sure to stay tuned!Extra large lumbar ice pack

I have chronic back pain, and it is no fun at all.  This all started back in 1999 when I had back surgery, something I regret to this day. There have been many setbacks along the way the most crushing one in late 2015.

I was working out at the gym doing things I should not have been doing.  I got sloppy and I admit that.  My form had deteriorated and I was lifting in ways a guy with a bad back should not be.

Anyway, I ended up with a sprained pelvis and a blown disc.  I was dealing with spinal stenosis, which basically forced me to be bent over about 30 degrees or so at the waist.  I figured I was doomed and surgery would be my only option.  But alas, I went to see a chiropractor and there was hope for me.

The first step for me was to ice my lower back and ice it a lot.  I was icing 5-8 times per day, morning, noon, and night as they say.  About 15 minutes per session, and this would help to reduce swelling so that adjustments could be made.

Extra large lumbar ice pack please!

I figured out the best way for me to apply ice was to lay on the floor with a bag of ice under my lower back.  This way I could prop my legs up on a stool, or some pillows, and maintain sort of a bent over, stenosis position and do all that icing.

I started out with ice in a Ziploc bag full of ice and quickly realized that the ice cubes poking me in the lower back was not comfortable at all.  I started looking for an ice pack instead.

Okay, enough about me and my story with ice packs.  Let’s get on with this review.

What makes a good ice pack? 

Things to look for:

  • Pliable – You definitely want an ice pack that will form to the area you need to ice down. Plus you may end up using the ice pack on other parts of your body, so the ice pack needs to be malleable.
  • Durable – Another key factor is to buy an ice pack that is durable and will withstand being frozen and thawed over and over again. I have experience with some ice packs that started leaking after a few uses from being used too much I guess.
  • Freezes fast – If you plan on using an ice pack several times during the day, like for an injury, you will want a pack that freezes fast so you can use it again in a few hours. I can certainly assure you that not all ice packs are created equal when it comes to freezing times.
  • Long lasting – Not just from how long the life of the ice pack is, but will it stay cold for a long time. You don’t want an ice pack that will start to warm up after just a few minutes.

These are some of the things to look for when you purchase a reusable ice pack for your body.

TheraPaq reusable ice pack

Now that we know what to look for in an ice pack, I want to introduce this model from TheraPaq.  First off, I think you will love the straps that come with this pack.  This is super handy when you are on the go and want to ice. Or if you just don’t want to be tied down while you are at home.  Sure, it’s nice to take a 15-minute break and lay down to ice, when you can, but that isn’t always the case.

The elastic straps will allow you to wrap the ice pack around your lower back for the ride home from the gym for instance.  After a good workout, if you want to ice your lower back, just strap the ice pack on and you are good to go.

When I was recovering from spinal stenosis, I was icing a lot, and I would use a gel pack with straps while I was working.  The pack stays in place with the straps, and you can even put it on under your clothing.

Large Reusable Gel Ice Pack with Wrap by TheraPAQ - Hot & Cold Therapy for Hip, Shoulder, Back, Knee - Pain Relief for Injuries, Recovery, Swelling, Aches, Bruises & Sprains (XL Blue Pack: 14' X 11')
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Large Reusable Gel Ice Pack with Wrap by TheraPAQ - Hot & Cold Therapy for Hip, Shoulder, Back, Knee - Pain Relief for Injuries, Recovery, Swelling, Aches, Bruises & Sprains (XL Blue Pack: 14" X 11")
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  • ENJOY COUNTLESS POSSIBILITIES: The TheraPAQ hot and cold therapy ice gel pack can be used for many different purposes! Its size and the high quality construction allows you to wrap it around your shoulder, knee, hip, thigh, calves, shins and any other body part you wish to relieve! Just microwave or freeze as needed.
  • PICK HOT OR COLD THERAPY AND SAY GOODBYE TO DISCOMFORT: This must have gel pack can be used both for hot and cold therapy, allowing you to pick whichever you like best! Whether you prefer to freeze pain away or soothe it with the help of the alleviating warmth, this gel pack is the perfect choice for you! Get ready to relieve pain and feel ready to seize the day.
  • A COMPRESSION WRAP THAT WILL PERFECTLY EMBRACE YOUR BODY: Forget about small, tight therapy wraps that make you feel uncomfortable! This amazing reusable ice pack for injuries comes in a carefully designed wrap which is bound to keep you relaxed and happy while boosting the therapy pack's effectiveness. The elastic hook-and-loop straps can be easily adjusted, while the extra-large size can assure the perfect fit for any body type.
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Multiple uses

This extra large lumbar ice pack isn’t just for your lower back, you can strap it to your shoulder, your knee, your hip, just about anywhere you need to ice.  That is the beauty of this ice pack, you can use it so many different ways.

Can be hot or cold

I haven’t touched on this perk, but this TheraPaq unit can be used as a hot or cold pack.  You can simply microwave or freeze the pack as needed. This model comes with one hot/cold pack and one wrap.


  • Extra large size covers a lot of areas
  • Elastic straps allow you to wrap the ice pack around your body
  • Can be used as a hot or cold pack
  • You can use it while you are on the go


  • Some people say it’s not cold enough (this, of course, is subjective)

Conclusion: Extra large lumbar ice pack

I think this TheraPaq lumbar ice pack is a great option whether you are recovering from an injury, or are icing down after a tough workout.  You can use the elastic straps to wrap the pack around your lower back, or wherever you need to really.

You will like the size and versatility of this ice pack and there are a lot of positive customer reviews.  This is pack is portable, it’s pliable, and I think it’s a great option.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Feel free to contact me directly as well.

Thanks for taking some time out of your day to stop by!



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