Chirp Wheel+ Review – Does It Really Help Back Pain?

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Thank you for stopping by to check out my Chirp Wheel+ review. As someone who has a long history of back problems, I am always on the lookout for an effective way to treat back pain that does not involve a trip to the doctor. Not only do I have back problems, but seriously tight muscles and knots as well. I decided to try the Chirp Wheel plus.

There are three Chirp Wheel+ sizes. I was very interested in the smallest of the three wheels, given that my lower body is my major problem area when it comes to tight muscles. My body has been overcompensating due to years of back problems, and my muscles are tight.

Product Name: Chirp Wheel+
Rating: 4.75 Stars
Recommended: YES
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Summary: This is an excellent way to help relieve back pain in the comfort of your home.  The Chirp Wheel+ stretches and strengthens the muscles around your spine, which helps to release tension around the spine.

What is Chirp Wheel+?

The wheel is a straightforward design; a rigid core made of hard plastic, covered with a 20mm foam pad.  The unique design has a canal built into the wheel that is specifically designed to fit around your spine. The channel provides a deep stretch for the muscles around your spine without putting direct pressure on your spine.Chirp - Plexus Wheel Plus

Chirp Wheel+ plus is designed to be soft, yet allow you to apply enough pressure to get those pesky knots and sore muscles, known as myofascial release.  At five inches wide, the wheel will fit nicely between your shoulder blades and other places that are tough to reach with a foam roller.  The Chirp Wheel Plus will support up to 500 pounds.

Chirp Wheel+ is doctor recommended

Thousands of health professionals use and recommend Chirp products including, physical therapists, chiropractors, and others.  All of the products Chirp sells are tested and approved by these professionals.  The folks at Chirp work hard to sell only products that will actually help you. There are no gimmicks here.

The Chirp Wheel+ comes in three different sizes, and each size serves a purpose.

  • 12-inch wheel
    The largest and most gentle of all the wheels.
  • 10-inch wheel
    Designed to provide medium pressure and is pretty darn versatile.
  • 6-inch wheel
    Provides the deepest massage. It can also be used as a lumbar support for your chair at home or work or as a cradle for your neck if you are laying on the floor.

Each wheel gives you a different level of pressure.  With a complete set of these wheels, you can apply pressure depending on your needs.  If you are just starting out with rolling, you may want to start with the bigger twelve-inch wheel which will give you the least amount of pressure.

As you progress, you can crank it up and use the six-inch wheel for those tough to get tight spots.

You can purchase the wheels individually, or as a complete set.

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How to use the Chirp Wheel+

You can check out the video for more information, but I also want to walk you through the rolling process.  You may not be able to go as far back as Michelle, but that’s okay, that gives you something to work toward.

If you are new to rolling, or to using a wheel, I recommend you start upright, by using the wheel against the wall.  Sounds strange right?  Well, the reason you start with the wall is you can control the amount of pressure better than on the floor.

At this point, it doesn’t matter which size wheel you are using; all you are doing is getting a feel for how to use the wheel. Rolling against the wall will help you get the hang of using the Chirp Wheel+, and as you progress, you can move to the floor.

Once you are comfortable using the wheel, you can move to the floor.  Now, using your body weight, you will be applying more pressure and will need to decide which wheel is best to use.  You can use one wheel on your hips and another on your upper back, it’s up to you.

Tip: The versatile six-inch wheel can also be used as a lumbar support when you are sitting in your chair at work.

Chirp Wheel+ vs foam roller

The wheel has some definite advantages over using a traditional foam roller.

First of all, the narrow five-inch wide wheel can reach places, like between your shoulder blades, which is very tough to do with a foam roller. You can pinpoint where you want to apply pressure, so it’s more localized where a foam roller doesn’t give you as much focus.

Second, the rigid core of the Chirp Wheel+ can support up to 500 pounds and will not compress and break down over time like a foam roller will tend to do.

Finally, the wheel comes in three different sizes, so you can apply different amounts of pressure depending on what you need.

Features and benefits of the Chirp Wheel+

  • The rigid core that will not compress or break down over time
  • Foam padding which provides a soft feel
  • Spinal canal

There are a lot of benefits the Chirp Wheel+ can offer you.  The distinct advantage is the ability to stretch out tight muscles and knots to help with back pain.

At five inches wide, the wheel will fit in tight spots that you can’t reach with a foam roller.  The smallest wheel, the 6” model, is very nimble and is excellent for deep tissue massage for those stubborn spots. The 10” and 12” wheels help with back pain relief without over-stretching.

Purchasing a Chirp Wheel Plus

Chirp offers a 100-day guarantee on all products ordered through their website. If you are not happy, return it. They also offer free shipping on orders over $75.

Chirp advises you to use the wheel for at least 30 days.  Chirp says the #1 reason people don’t get pain relief is that they stop using the wheel too soon.  During the first 30 days, your body is undergoing gentle correction, so some mild soreness or aches are not uncommon.

It takes about 30 days to get the kinks worked out, so to speak.  So, give it a try, and if you don’t like it, you have 100 days to return it.  With such a liberal return policy, why not?

My Chirp Wheel Plus experience

I ordered the three-pack but was most interested in the smallest wheel.  My problem areas are my low back, hips, and hamstrings, from years of dealing with back problems. I have tried rolling with PVC pipe, traditional foam rollers, tennis balls, you name it, and I was excited to try Chirp Wheel+.Me using the Chirp Wheel+

Since I had never used a wheel before, I did just want I said earlier, tried it on the wall first to get the hang of it.  Then I moved to the floor.  I like the wheel a lot better than using PVC, simply because it’s not as hard and it doesn’t slide around on wood floors.

The Chirp Wheel+ works deeper than a traditional foam roller on my problem areas.  I can also cover a lot more territory than when I use a tennis or lacrosse ball. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of give in the wheel; it is firm yet not super hard.

I do recommend you talk to your doctor before you try it if you are currently dealing with back problems.

Conclusion: Chirp Wheel+ review

If you are looking for a non-invasive, drug-free way to relieve back pain, I think the Chirp Wheel+ is definitely worth a try.  I love my wheel, and I think a lot of people can benefit using one. One thing that makes it better is Chirp allowing 100 days to try it risk-free.


  • You get a four-way stretch including length and width
  • The built-in spinal canal allows you to stretch the muscles around your spine without putting direct pressure on your spine
  • The wheel is five inches wide and fits well between your shoulder blades
  • The rigid core will not break down or compress like a traditional foam roller
  • You can use the three-pack to cover your whole body
  • There are a wide range of massage options, with the small medium and large wheels
  • You can apply gentle pressure with the biggest wheel, or more get aggressive with the six-inch wheel


  • It may take some getting used to if you have not used a wheel before

I have tried a lot of different products to roll our tight muscles, including; foam rollers, tennis and lacrosse balls, PVC pipe.  The Chirp Wheel+ works really well where these other methods falter.

Best Price & Promotions

PVC pipe is super hard, a tennis ball doesn’t cover much area, and traditional foam rollers are not firm enough, and they break down over time.  If you sit all day behind a desk and need to decompress, the Chirp Wheel+ is a great way to do that.

Visit the Chirp website to get the latest pricing and promotions on the Chirp Wheel Plus as well as the full range of Chirp products.

Chirp - Plexus Wheel Plus

Chirp Wheel+ Review
  • Effectiveness
  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Versatility


The Chirp Wheel+ is an excellent yoga wheel for myofascial release. The Wheel+ may help prevent and relieve functional disorders including muscle tightness, scar tissue build-up, muscle/joint spasms, herniated discs, bulging discs, arthritis and osteoporosis. Their build quality is second to none and any of their sizes are products we recommend.


  • Fits between your shoulder blades
  • Three sizes for different pressure
  • Helps relieve back pain


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