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In this Perfect Ab Carver review, I will show you a fantastic tool that will help you not only improve core strength but can make your abs pop as well.  This is a product I have been using for several years now, and I can’t say enough good things about it.  Please keep reading, and I will explain to you why I love the ab carver pro so much.

First I will walk through the ab carver review and then I will share my story at the end.  Thanks for tuning in!

Product Name: Perfect Ab Carver Pro
Rating: 97 out of 100
Recommended: YES!
Summary: One of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment for building core muscles is the Ab Carver Pro.  Simple to use, but definitely not easy.

Perfect Ab Carver review

Ultra-wide wheel

The Ab Carver Pro is built with an ultra-wide wheel, which provides a lot of stability. This ultra-wide architecture really provides for a solid feel, and you don’t feel like you are going to topple over, like with so many of the skinny ab wheels out there.

The wheel is made of a rubber material, which grips on to hard surface floors as well as carpet.  I have never had a problem with this slipping on my hardwood floor. The Ab Carver rounds very well on hard floors when you extend out and roll to the right or left.

One thing I love about this ab roller, it provides a stable platform that allows you to comfortably and confidently roll out to the sides.  You can cover the full range of abdominal muscles with this unique design.

Built-in resistance

Something that is very unique with the Ab Carver Pro, it is loaded with a Carbon Steel Spring, which they call the “kinetic engine.”  This spring coils up as you extend and then springs you back, so it adds resistance as you roll out and then provides a small amount of assistance on the return. This built-in resistance really helps to maximize your results.

There is no way to adjust the tension manually, but the farther you roll out, the more resistance will build up in the spring.  This short video demonstrates how the resistance works.

Ergonomic hand grips

The handgrips are wide, thick and have a rubber material coating, which makes them very comfortable non-slip surface to hold onto. Each non-slip handle is clearly marked with an “L” for left and an “R” for right, so you are sure to use the unit the right way.

I love how the handgrips are designed with an angle, and it feels great compared to other wheels with a straight handgrip. The grips are removable in case you need to transport or store the roller.

Ab Carver muscles worked

The main driver for the exercise is the abs (rectus abdominis), but you also work the transverse abdominis (deepest ab muscles that wrap around your sides and your spine), as well as your internal and external obliques, which are the muscles on the sides of your stomach.

The nature of the Ab Carver helps you to engage not only core muscles but upper back, chest, and arms as well. Using all of these muscles together provides for a unique and just plain awesome workout.

That is one thing I love about the wheel, I feel it pretty much from my quads and hamstrings through my upper back and that is a good thing. This helps to work more muscle groups than a traditional sit-up, or crunch and burns more calories.

Using the Ab Carver Pro

As the folks from the Perfect Ab Carver Pro say, it’s simple but not easy. I can definitely agree with this statement.  This ab roller is a great product when used correctly, and you can use it if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced user.

For beginners, don’t try to do a full extension right away.  You can use the roller close to a wall and use that as a stopping point.  As you progress, you can move further away from the wall.  The Ab Carver does require upper body strength the farther out you go, so be very careful.  If you have a back injury, I would not recommend using any ab roller, until you have the strength to do so.

After recovering from my injury in 2015, I explain more below, I couldn’t use this for a long time until I built up enough strength to do so.

For more advanced users, you can move further away from the wall, or only roll out partway, not to full extension. When you get more and more comfortable, you can roll out all the way.  Again, this does take upper body strength, so it is something you should build up to if you are not used to using an ab roller.

I use my Ab Carver Pro several days per week, but it’s taken me a while to build up to that point. I roll out in all directions, for a great core workout.

Use on a hard surface or on the carpet

I mentioned earlier that I use my Ab Carver Pro on my hard surface at home, but you can use it on the carpet as well.  The rubber material on the wheel makes this unit very versatile as far as using it on different surfaces goes.

Padding for your knees

The Ab Carver does come with a knee pad, but I will warn you it’s not great.  Some people complain about it, and I typically use a foam stadium seat for my knees.  I love the fact that a knee pad is included, but it will depend on the individual user whether or not you like it.


Not much to say here, assembly is a snap. You attach the handles to the wheel, and away you go.



  • Great way to tone and strengthen core muscles
  • Compact size can be taken anywhere
  • Tension increases as you extend farther out
  • A small amount of assistance when you roll back
  • The ability to roll out to the left and right and not topple over
  • A very stable wide wheel
  • Non-slip handles and wheel


  • The knee pad could be improved

A bit about me

So, here’s my story, I have a problem, well; it’s really a back problem.  I have been dealing with back pain most of my adult life.  I am always on the lookout for ways to build and maintain core strength so that I can help keep my back healthy.

My back problems started about 20 years ago.  I have had many ups and downs over the years.  I didn’t understand the value of building core strength until a pretty severe back injury in 2015. I have always been active and work out at the gym pretty frequently.

But, I had always ignored core-specific exercises because I deemed them “boring.”  Stabilizing my core muscles was not high on my list of things to do at the gym.

I continued to lift heavy weights at the gym (well heavy for me anyway) and did so with bad form I later realized.  In 2015 I had a bad back injury.  This was when I discovered the value of core strength.  I was out of commission for about 6 months as I was healing, and seeing a chiropractor twice a week.

I eventually got back to the gym, and to the point of pushing myself with the Perfect Ab Carver.  Using the Ab Carver Pro has been a big help to my core strength.  I started out slow, as I mentioned earlier because I didn’t want to hurt myself again.

Eventually, I got to the point of rolling all the way out and directionally as well.  Using the Perfect Ab Carver Pro was a significant boost to my confidence as well.  Now I use my ab wheel regularly.

I tell you all of this, to let you know that the Ab Carver is now one of my favorite pieces of workout equipment.  I didn’t just start using this overnight though.  You have to be careful with any ab roller, especially with a bad back.  I was not able to use one until my chiropractor gave me the okay, and even then I started slowly.

Using the Perfect AB Carver Pro is a great way to build core strength

For me, the Ab Carver from Perfect Fitness works pretty much everything from the waist up.  This roller is great for abs, shoulders, upper and lower back.

I highly recommend if you are in the market for a way to improve core strength with a product you can use at home, or on the road, look into the Perfect Ab Carver Pro.  For more information, or to purchase one of your own click the button below.

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller Wheel With Built In Spring Resistance, At Home Core Workout Equipment, Red
13,534 Reviews
Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller Wheel With Built In Spring Resistance, At Home Core Workout Equipment, Red
  • Ultra-wide ab roller with built-in resistance and ergonomic handles to help maximize results of ab roll-out exercises
  • Interior kinetic engine uses a carbon steel spring to provide resistance and amplify abdominal and arm workout
  • Ultra-wide wheel tread offers stability when carving left, right or center for targeted work on obliques
  • Ergonomic hand grips are angled to activate arm and core muscles; handles are removable for easy storage and transport

I want to thank you for taking some time out of your day to stop by and read my Perfect Ab Carver review.  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.




Perfect Ab Carver Pro
  • Durability - 97%
  • Ease of Use - 97%
  • Comfort - 97%

12 thoughts on “Perfect Ab Carver Review – Get Your Six-Pack On!”

  1. Great article! I actually need to get me one of these! Once I’ve saved up enough I’ll come get it from here!

    My workout routine I just started has me doing ab wheel rollouts a few times a week!

    • Thanks for your comment Chris, I appreciate it. I am glad to hear you are using an ab roller. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. Well this is definitely a no brainer since I’ve been losing a lot of weight lately and want to get my abs up to par with everything else with my body (I’ve been building lots of muscle but slacking in the abs department). I think I need to get started on my abs before they start showing because they won’t even be that good. Well thanks a lot, I’ll be back for more of your reviews!

    • Thanks Brandon. I am glad to hear you are losing weight and putting on muscle. Abs are tough, and as they say “abs are made in the kitchen”. I use the Ab Carver to build core strength to help keep my back strong and I love it. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Steve,

    I need this Perfect Ab Carver as I am turning into jello! Spend too many hours online working and really not enough time dedicating to my own personal health. I find your review here enlightening as I see I can easily do these exercises at home and without fuss.

    Do you know where I can buy one of these items Steve?



    • Hi Philip, thanks for stopping by. You made me laugh with your jello comment! I use the Ab Carver to build core strength, which I need for my bad back. This is one of my go-to products for core and abs. You can purchase the Ab Carver through my links to Amazon. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hi Steve,
    Here is my story, let’s see if this device can help me. I used to have a perfect belly for a 30y old woman, almost like man’s 6 pack. Now I’m a mom of three kids and in spite of all my efforts of going to the gym 3 times a week – it’s not the same as it was. I’ve got some belly fat that I can’t get rid of.
    I usually do ABS exercises on the mat, but don’t use any devices.
    Do you think this tool can help me to improve?
    I miss my 6 pack!

    • Hi Mary, thanks for your comment. I have definitely heard this from women before, after having kids it’s the belly just isn’t the same. I know that they say “abs are made in the kitchen” so diet is super important too. I use the Ab Carver for overall core strength to help maintain a healthy back. Honestly, for me, the best cor/ab exercises, are the Ab Carver, swiss ball crunches, and planks. These are low stress on my back and really help to hit my core and abdomen. Planks can be tricky for people, especially if they fail to engage the glutes and hamstrings. I can tell you from my experience the Ab Carver works my core very well. At the end of the day it’s up to you, but this is another tool you can certainly use. You might also want to check out my review of the Stealth Core Trainer. Thanks again for your comment and I hope you find your six-pack again.

  5. I have never even seen the ab carver before, I do have a different type with a narrow wheel and NEVER use it because it is so flimsy and feels so unstable when working out. Great article, thank you!

    • Hi Heather, thanks for stopping by. I definitely recommend the Ab Carver over other ab rollers due to the stability factor. I find it much more comfortable and you can confidently roll out to the front, left, or right without worrying about falling over. Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to help.


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