Top Reasons To Focus On Core Exercise

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Core exercise has become an essential part of my life since suffering a pretty bad back injury several years ago. In this post, I want to cover some of the top reasons to focus on core exercise.  As you will see these are essential muscles that play a critical role in everyday life.

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What are the core muscles?

You can think of core muscles running from your armpits to your butt and everything in between.  A strong core helps to protect your spine, and these muscles are important in things we do a daily basis.

The core muscles, especially those deep in your back, like the multifidus play an essential role in supporting and stabilizing your spine.

Strong core muscles are more than just six-pack abs.  Many people think that if they can see their abs, then they must have a strong core.  Well, I can tell you from experience, that is not necessarily the case.  Abdominal muscles are only part of the muscles that make up your core.

I have always been in pretty good shape, fit and trim and I can see my abs on my tummy, but I have discovered that my core is weak.  So core strength is more than just a tight belly.

I never used to work my core, because it is so boring…or so I thought.  I discovered that core exercise is more than just doing hundreds or thousands of sit-ups or crunches.  I hated doing crunches. These days, I have been doing more functional exercises, and that has been a challenging but good change for me.

So much of my workout used to be just traditional weightlifting with no creativity. I was just trying to get in and out of the gym as quickly as possible.

Anyway, with all that said, let’s talk about reasons to do core training

Improve balance and stability

Core exercise trains the muscles in your hips, low back, pelvis, abs, and butt so that these muscles can all work together cohesively.  Core muscles stabilize your body and allow you to move in different directions. Working these muscle groups helps with balance and stability.

Training these muscle groups helps with balance and stability which in turn helps with daily activities or sports. If you are playing tennis, hiking, or doing chores around the house, balance and stability play a role in most of the activities we partake.

Activities like yoga, are a great way to improve core strength and improve balance and stability.

You don’t have to go to the gym or buy expensive equipment

Doing core exercise is something you can do just about anywhere, whether it’s in your living room or on vacation.  Exercises like lunges, pushups, planks, or renegade rows require little to no equipment, and you don’t have to go to the gym.

Exercises that involve your core muscles working together, even walking, can help with core strength and stability.  So, take that long walk on the beach, mix in some walking lunges, and drop for some pushups and get your core training in.

Yes, you can tone your abs

As I touched on before, core muscles are more than just six-pack abs.  But, if well-defined abs are your goal, core exercise can certainly help you with that. Although they say that abs are made in the kitchen, working your abdominal muscles is part of the equation as well.

Aerobic activity like swimming, running, or other exercises that raise your heart rate can help to burn belly fat, and core exercise will train and tone the muscles underneath.  So a well-rounded approach can help you achieve your goals.

Easier to do everyday physical activities

Performing daily activities like picking up a child, doing a load of laundry, vacuuming, mowing the lawn, or even getting in your car require some core strength. Carrying your grocery bags into your house from the trunk of your car is another example of using your core.

Activities that require balance, twisting and reaching are engaging your core muscles.  These things that we do every single day can be made easier with the help of core training.

Do you know how I make these activities even easier?  It’s my super-secret inside trick…I make my teenagers do it for me!

All kidding aside, you will be pretty amazed how a little core work can make your everyday life just that much better.

Reach your fitness goals

As I have discovered over the years, a balanced fitness routine must include core training. Now don’t get me wrong, traditional weightlifting exercises do engage your core muscles and make them stronger.  But, for me and my back problems, focusing on my trunk and pelvis area are critical.

I was able to lift heavy weights and get my heart rate up, but yet I couldn’t do some exercises like renegade rows that require core strength.  Some people can run on a treadmill for hours, others can lift enormous amounts of weight, for me a well-rounded and stable body is where it’s at.

Improve posture

Many of us sit a lot during the day, and this can contribute to core muscles becoming weak.  When these muscle groups weaken, they have a harder time stabilizing your spine.  Over time, your spine has to compensate, and this can lead to back pain and poor posture.

Working core muscles can help improve your posture, by supporting and stabilizing the spine.


No matter if you are swinging a golf club or cleaning out your attic, improving core strength is a great idea.  I am sure you have your reasons, and I gave you some of the top reasons to do core exercise.

I think people often overlook how vital core muscles are, and the benefit they provide in everyday life.  So many of us sit behind a desk for hours on end, and that really takes a toll on our bodies.  Focusing on core exercise can help improve posture, and help with daily activities.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Thank you for stopping by today.



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