Working Out At Home vs. Working Out At The Gym

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We all know that exercise is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. In this post, I will discuss working out at home vs. working out at the gym.  Both have good points and not so good points.  If you are on the fence or trying to figure out which option is best for you, please keep reading.

Take it from someone who has experience working out both at my own home as well as my local gym.  There are pros and cons to both.  I can’t say which one is best for you, but hopefully, I can help you make an informed decision.


One of the big debates when it comes to working out at home vs. working out at the gym is equipment.  Gyms are full of all kinds of different equipment for you to use.  Sometimes I go to a gym there is so much equipment I don’t even know what some of it is for.

Point being, there are a lot of options when it comes to equipment at a gym. You probably won’t come close to using all of the different options, but it’s nice to have if you need it.

Therein lies another point, do you actually need all of the equipment provided at a gym.  Well, this really depends on your goals, which I will discuss in a bit.Man working out at the gym

Working out at home may require you to buy some fitness equipment.  Once again, depending on your goals, you may not need much.  A good set of adjustable weight dumbbells, an exercise bench, and even some exercise bands can go a long way for your workout. Or you may go for a complete home gym setup.

What are your goals?

Do your goals include bodybuilding or maybe improving your overall fitness level? You will need to figure out what your goals are if you want to decide if working out at home vs. working out at the gym is right for you.

If bodybuilding is your jam, you will need a whole lot of equipment at home to get the job done. In this case, a gym is your logical choice.

Honestly, if you are looking to tone your body, improve your overall fitness level, or increase endurance, there are a lot of exercises you can do at home. Exercises like burpees, jump rope or develop your own circuit. You might be surprised at what you can do at home with little or no exercise equipment to get your heart pumping.

All that said, setting goals will help you decide if working out at home or the gym is best for you.


One of the things I hate most about gyms is the crowds.  If you are fortunate enough to be able to go to the gym during off-hours, then consider yourself lucky.  Of course, in the evening after work is the busiest time to be at the gym.  You have to deal with all the people.

Equipment is in high demand, and people are not always the best about sharing.  So crowds are definitely a negative when it comes to the gym.

Working out at home alleviates the crowds, and you can work out in the comfort of your own home.  Nobody cares what you wear when you are working out at home, and you can exercise on your schedule.  You don’t have to schedule your workout late at night when the gym is empty.

Trying to avoid crowds is a great idea the problem (at least for me) is that it usually means not going to the gym at all.

Work out when you want to

I touched on this already, but when you work out at home, you have the advantage of doing so when it’s convenient for you.  You don’t have to wait until after the crowds clear at your local gym.

I find that if I wait to go to the gym until after the crowds have thinned, which is later in the evening, I am severely lacking motivation.  I get to the point that I won’t go at all.

Working out at home definitely gives you some more freedom to exercise when you want to.

The only issue with working out at home is will you actually do it. It is easy to get distracted with other things going on at home. If you make the trip to the gym, you are most likely going to get your workout done.


You get home from a long day of work sometimes, the last thing you want to do is get ready, pack up and head out of the house again to go to the gym. Yes, half the battle is just getting to the gym. Working out at home gives you the advantage of exercising when you want when it is convenient for you.

I once had a membership at a gym that was about a ten to fifteen-minute drive from my house.  Roundtrip that’s twenty to thirty minutes of drive time.  Those are valuable minutes that could have been used working out at home.  That is literally half the amount of time I would spend at the gym, and that was just time wasted getting to and from the gym.

If your time is valuable, you may want to seriously consider working out at home vs. working out at the gym.


Gym memberships can get really expensive.  But some gym memberships are relatively reasonable.  If you think about the money, you spend each month on a gym membership, over time, that can really add up.Working out at home can save money

The topic of money gets a little convoluted when it comes to working out at home vs. working out at the gym.  When you pay for a monthly gym membership, you have access to a lot of equipment, group fitness classes, and the like.  So you are getting some value for the money.

On the other hand, if you buy some home gym equipment, it’s a one-time purchase, and then you don’t have the monthly expense.

When it comes to money, there several things to consider, including:

  • Do you have space at home for exercise equipment
  • What fits your budget
  • Products like Bowflex offer financing, so you might be able to spread the cost out
  • Do you enjoy the social aspect of going to the gym

Once you define your goals, you will have a better understanding of your equipment needs, and you can proceed from there.

Personal training

Most gyms will offer personal training for a fee, of course.  When you break it down, a gym membership plus personal training can get expensive.

There are programs available, like Find Your Trainer, where a personal trainer can meet you at home. With a program like this, you still have the option to work out at home.  A certified trainer will bring all of the equipment you need for a complete workout.

With Find Your Trainer, you don’t have to pay for a gym membership in addition to personal training.  Prices start as low as $49, so it’s pretty affordable to have a trainer meet you at home.

When it comes to personal training and your decision about whether to exercise at home or at the gym, you have options.

Social aspect

I think it is important to note that some people really enjoy the social aspect of going to the gym.  This doesn’t mean going to the gym and talking to people for an hour instead of working out.  Just merely being around other people who are working out is really good for some.

Working out at home, you miss the “getting out of the house” aspect, and some people want and need to be around other people.  This can be especially true if you have a job where you work from home, or if you are a stay at home parent.


There are a lot of factors to consider when you are deciding between working out at home vs. working out at the gym.  I think the number one factor is figuring out what your goals are.  Your goals will go a long way to helping you make the right decision.

If you want to bulk up and add muscle, a gym is probably your best bet, unless you have space for a lot of weight at home.  If you are interested in toning up or want to improve your overall fitness level, then you may be fine working out at home.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can do a lot at home with a set of adjustable weight dumbbells, a workout bench, and a few other pieces of equipment, like exercise bands.

I hope you found some useful information in this post. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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