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Sometimes contacting companies online can be very challenging.  Noom is a top-rated diet program, and on a few occasions, I have found myself looking for Noom contact information. If you have questions or need to get ahold of Noom, I am going to walk you through a few different ways that have worked for me.

Have you signed up for Noom and have questions you just can’t find the answers to?  Maybe you have a technical question about the platform.  There are a few different ways to contact Noom, and we will discuss those.

Here are a few of the reasons why you might need to contact Noom:

  • You have a question you can’t find the answer to
  • You want to cancel your 14-day trial
  • You wish to cancel your premium service
  • Maybe you have a technical problem

Noom contact Information

Contact your Noom Goal Specialist

From within the Noom app, you can contact your Goal Specialist using the blue chat bubble in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  Then you will tap on either the name of your specialist or Concierge Eva and enter your message.

Private messaging your Goal Specialist through the app is a great place to start with your questions. For instance, if you want to cancel your subscription, you can send a message requesting to cancel. Your goal specialist can help you out in a variety of ways, so this is a great way to find out what you need to know.

Contact your Noom group coach

Your coach will be in contact with you through the support group.  To access your group, it’s the same process as getting ahold of your specialist, by using the message bubble in the upper right corner. Group coaches are primarily available standard business hours Monday through Friday.

Help within the app

Tapping the menu icon (three blue bars) in the upper left-hand corner, you will see a “Help” option at the bottom.  Within the help menu, there is a search bar where you can enter a topic or question. There is also a FAQ’s section, within Help, for common issues like “My Account,” “Food logging,” “Weight logging,” etc.

Noom Email support

You can always email Noom directly at  I have found this method to be beneficial.  When I first signed up for Noom, I had a little bit of trouble getting Google Fit and Noom to play nice together.  The support folks walked me through troubleshooting, and we got everything figured out.

Contact support

If you are on the Noom website, you can click on the “Support” option on the top menu.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, past the “Frequently Asked Questions,” and you will see an option at the very bottom “Contact support here” with a hyperlink on the word “here.”

When you click on the word “here,” you will have options, “Contact Support” then “I want to…” and then you can choose a topic from the drop-down menu. Items like “Cancel my subscription” are listed here.

For instance, if you a question about your cancellation, you can select “cancel my subscription.”  Then you will have the option right below that to select “Yes” or “No” as to whether or not this answered your question. If you choose “No,” you can then enter your message about your cancellation right there and submit a ticket.

From within the app, it’s a slightly different process to get to support. You can contact support from the “Help” option under the main menu (three lines upper left corner in the app).  Then you will scroll down to “Premium Features,” then “Contact Support.” You get the same options here as on the website.

Social media

You can also reach out to Noom on social media.  If you go to, at the very bottom of the screen, you will see social media links.

Conclusion: Noom contact information

There are a few different ways to get ahold of Noom. Noom is very popular, and these guys can be very busy. Sometimes it can take a day for them to get back to you.

I hope this post has been helpful; please let me know if you have any questions.  If you are interested in my complete review, you can read it here.  Or if you are interested in signing up for the 14-day trial, you can do that below.

Try Noom’s 14 Day Trial!

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22 thoughts on “Noom Contact Information – How To Get In Touch With Noom”

  1. I am trying to get onto the site to start the program but your system will not accept my phone number. How am I supposed to see what I have to do?

  2. My name is Mary Reifsnyder. I paid $10.00 to Noom to see what is was about. Now I’m being charged
    every month for a subscription that I didn’t even sign up for. I have stopped payment on Paypal and would now like my $129.00 back!!! If I don’t hear back, I will contact a lawyer. I have tried to contact the company to no avail.

    • Hi Mary. Unfortunately, I don’t work for Noom, so I can’t cancel your subscription or refund your money. Have you tried reaching out to Noom support directly at You might also want to check out this article for information on how to cancel Noom.

  3. Well, I’m apparently like Mary (above comment). I only looked at it & never did use or try & have been charged & want $ back also. I attempted by going into the that was on my checking account stmt. but tells me I have to use a bubble. I don’t have a bubble on my phone & don’t want to install something else, as my debit card has been compromised from phone transactions before (recently).
    I’m very frustrated that you can be stuck in something & can’t get out. I just want to talk to a PERSON, so I can have a guarantee that it gets cancelled & will be refunded. Isn’t there a telephone contact for them somewhere? It states I’m supposed to contact my ‘goal supporter’ (or whatever), but don’t have one since I haven’t used, not showing on phone. Help!!! someone who is able to cancel & refund.

    • First off, I am sorry to hear you are having trouble. I would like to add, based on my experience, when you sign up for the 14-day trial with Noom, you have to enter your credit (or debit) card number and choose a subscription plan. If you cancel, you must do so before the 14-day trial expires or your credit or debit card will be charged for the subscription level you signed up for.

      This is how it worked when I signed up. Merely downloading the app and looking at it does not charge your credit card.
      I encourage you to walk through the steps here, or contact Noom customer support directly at If you are still having problems, try contacting your bank. I hope this helps.

  4. this is the biggest ripoff co. ever. I go to my acct and there is a 160.00 charge what for… I searched for contact—no phone. reported them to BBB.

  5. Well, SURPRISE! SURPRISE!!! I am yet another one who has been stung!!!! I signed up for the 14 day trial… Never actually even logged in, cause I’m recovering from Breast Cancer Surgery & waiting to heal enough to begin radiation therapy… Prob’s not the time to be concerning myself with anything else?!? Anyway, I went to my account today to attempt to pay my car rego, and I no longer have the funds because you BASTARDS took out $219!!! I’m attempting to survive on Sickness Benefits for Christ’s sake! That’s a whole week’s pay for me!!!! I demand that you give a full refund right bloody now, or I will be contacting every media program that will take my call!!! How can you people live with yourselves? Honestly?!? I now can’t even get to my radiation therapy cause I live in rural NSW & no longer have a car I can drive, cause it’s out of REGO!!!

  6. I need a phone number to talk to someone. You charged me $149.00 and I need you to put that money back in my bank. This was supposed to be a 10.00 fee for trial. I didn’t join anything. I’m 71 years old and on a fixed income and cannot afford this. The program is not for me anyway. Please return my money. I can’t believe you just assume and take my money with no notice or nothing. I’m sorry but I can’t afford this.

    Thank You

    • I am sorry you are having trouble. I don’t work for Noom, so I can not refund your account. Have you tried reaching out to Noom support directly at From what I understand Noom does not issue refunds, but you should reach out to support to confirm. If you need to cancel so you are not charged in the future, see this article for instructions.

  7. I just got a new phone Samsung J2. I never had a problem with the old Samsung. Now whenever I launch Noom I get the message “oops there is a problem downloading your information from Nooms servers. Please check if you have internet and try again later.”
    I have tried for 2 days and still cannot get in. I do not have problems with any other internet program. Thank you.

    • Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I don’t work for Noom, but here are a couple of suggestions/resources that may be able to help you.

      Try the Noom troubleshooting page

      Or you can contact Noom customer support directly at

      I had some trouble initially getting Google Fit to sync with Noom, but support helped me out and we got it working.

      I wish you the best.

  8. I signed up for Noom on Dec. 27th. I did not realize this program was done through a phone. I do not have a mobile phone so cannot participate in your program. I received a statement today saying they have charged my credit card for the 14 day trial and would renew at the end of that period. I tried to cancel immediately when I found out that it was a phone program but they registered the fee anyway.
    I wish to cancel this and all forth coming Programs.

    Please notify me immediately regarding this issue.

    • Hello Margaret. I don’t work for Noom, so I can’t cancel your subscription. I recommend you send an email to Noom support directly at and have them cancel your subscription.

  9. So, now I know I was right. Noom is a huge SCAM. Like many others, I was suckered out of my money. Never joined. On to Yelp and every thing I can think of..BBB, etc.

    • Sorry to hear about your experience. For others who read this, can you explain how to were “suckered out of my money” if you never did join?

      My experience was that you have to choose a subscription option and enter your credit card information when you sign up for the trial offer. If you cancel before the 14-day trial expires, then you are not charged for the subscription.

      I would like to hear more about your experience. If you haven’t already, you can see my post here about how to cancel Noom. You can also reach out to Noom support directly at

      I don’t work for Noom, but I wish you well.


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